BQ vs. BQ – Rainy Edition

“Our workouts… …are held out doors, rain or shine, heat or cold”

Conditions: 45F, rain, wind 10-15 from the south

8 PAX gathered in the gloom to complete the second half of the “Birthday Q vs. Q” between YHC and Swabbie. Since we both had birthdays this week we thought it might be fun to have a challenge for “Best Beatdown” between Wednesday and Friday.


YHC informed the PAX that the number 13 was significant because it was my lucky number. Hence warmup consisted of…

13 SSH in cadence, 13 Thru the tunnels, 13 Imperial Walkers, etc.

The Thang

The workout consisted of 3 sections. The first honored the year 1976, which was when YHC first entered the world. Each PAX OYO completed AMRAP of the following sequence in 13 minutes (modified to 10 minutes for time).

(1) out and back sprint of approx 50 yards

(9) decline block merkins

(7) block squats

(6) blockees

Part 2 was a 1 mile run with a nice long boat/canoe inserted in the middle.

Part 3 was based on YHC’s initials – again AMRAP of the sequence in the allotted time -each with 43 reps

(M) Monkey Humpers x43

(R) Randy’s x 43 (arms out, palms up waving up and down approx 12 inches – think Randy from “A Christmas Story” in his snow suit)

(C) Crab Jacks x43 (like a plank jack, but in the crab walk like position)

Each round followed by a 50 yard and back block carry


Pledge pray, and retroactive count-o-rama and name-o-rama

Naked Moleskin

Props to the PAX that posted despite the extreme gloom. We gathered, complained and pushed through and all are better for it. Thank you to these men and all of the other Region PAX – this past trip around the sun has been more enjoyable and enriched because I have come to know you and the others in the F3 brotherhood!

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