Millennium 4Part Tango

Four souls fought the cold rain and lightning for eternal glory: @Primary @salmonella @Fresh Prince and YHC @Doobie.

Warmarama 16ct: morrocan Jack, mountain climber, 1/2 merkin, wide-narrow merkin, imperial walker. Mosey over to the MES gym.

Thang: suicide millennium tango.
Ascending group ladder – started each round with full court suicide:
100 burpees,
200 Hand release T merkin,
300 air squats,
400 bigboy situp-flutter kick combo.

20 minutes Trashball, ask @salmonella about talking and eating trash, @Primary and @Doobie smoked him and @Fresh Prince

s, names, pledge, and COT followed by bfast at Sunshine cafe! Keep @salmonella and Carrie in your prayers-new arrival in next week!

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