Cindy by the 100s

Gloom was perfect this morning for a little Cindy Lakeside vaca! @loveseat @Trophy yhc @Doobie took Cindy on a little predawn date.

Warmarama 18ct: SSH, forward lunge, lateral merkins, alphabet leg spelling.

Thang: pickup Cindy on our way to the lake. Carried her one lap around. Stopped at every bench and completed 100 minus your age reps at each bench in following order: overhead press, American Hammer, incline merkin, kettlebell swing, lawnmower starter, legups, dips.

s, names, pledge, COT.

Challenge: do one thing for your spouse out of the ordinary before Friday.
@Doobie buy Queen Anne chocolate cherries, @Trophy cook dinner. @loveseat forgot yours?

What are you going to do?

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