Bleacher Revenge

Big day, new FNG! Welcome @shutter Matthew Sartin!

Also big shout out to @salmonella and his new 2.0 Guy!

Four dominated the gloom: @Shaker @Stoke @shutter yhc @Doobie.

Warmarama 20ct: morrocan jack, imperial walker, curb dips, plankarama, legups

Thang: mosey to turf-50ct soccer turf corners: dips, squats, bigboy situps, windmills, plank jack, then to the fun part-bleecher suicides. Bear crawl forward and backwards up the bleachers with a merkin on each step. Then boxjump up each step and back to base for each step up, 1, 2 ,3, …. 12!

Moseyed back to flag just prior to a splash out by @shutter!

rama, namarama, FNG naming, pledge COT!

Sign up for 200mile shuttle run with @Shaker. I’m in.

Keep @salmonella and fam in prayers.

@Trophy Q Friday. No Saturday Q. @Stoke Q Thanksgiving eve. Need Q for Monday and Friday next week! Kickit!

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