Impact 2019

The first F3 Impact challenge is in the books.  As YHC was kicking this idea around in his already scrambled head, he didn’t know what to expect. Would it be accepted or would it flop? From the first time it was mentioned the support has been awesome.  Regions stepped up and let the Nation know what they are doing to help their community. You could feel the sense of pride (well deserved) when Regions posted on Twitter and entered their activities in the tracker.

Just some of the entries include:

Filling a local Food Bank.  Pax brought canned goods from home, collecting money to buy goods, Soliciting customers going into a Walmart to buy goods for the Food Bank. 

AO Burpee challenge. Challenged AO’s to donate to a local food pantry. One Pax traveled to each AO and applied a Burpee penalty if a Pax didn’t donate. He even did a Burpee for each good donated. 

Baby pool.  Pax bought slots for when one of their Pax M would give birth to the next 2.0. All monies generated went to a local charity. 

Porch build. Pax took donations to rebuild a porch for an elderly lady.

Playgound build. Pax Solicited monies to support the build of a playground that will serve children with physical, emotional, and sensory needs.

Holiday Lights. One Pax had been deployed to Kuwait. The group went to his house and decorated it with Christmas lights so the 2.0 wouldn’t miss out on the tradition and to lift the families spirits during the season. 

Scoring each challenge (Money / Material for the first challenge) and (Time and Spirit for the second challenge) was more difficult than expected with so many great entries. We solicited 5 regions to vote for a winner. Each time the winner was decided by a single point. 

Regions that participated; Chattanooga, Cherokee, Coastal Empire, Gastonia, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Lake Effect, Phoenix, Rock Region, Sumerville, Toledo, 


Overwhelming response for the first set of Challenges. Currently there are over 175 followers of @F3Impact on Twitter A month ago there were none. This shows how eager the Pax of F3 are to be involved and be Impactful to the community.  This challenge could not have taken place without the overwhelming support of several pax. Hopefully we can continue this again next year. There is talk of having it mid year to get pax involved in the summer. Thanks for the opportunity. F3 , more than a workout!

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