Workout to Failure

11/8/19…17 PAX including 1 FNG and an OOT posted on a cool morning for cool workout.

We began with a warm-up and stretches. Then we moseyed over the the Cindy’s. We performed two routines, curls and presses, to failure twice. As a PAX reached failure, he assumed a plank until only 3 PAX were performing the routine and then reset.

We then performed the bear-cindy crawl for about 50 yards.

We continued with a race down the railroad tracks. Half the PAX lined up arms length apart in opposite lanes facing the other group. We dropped into a plank and began an Indian run style routine. The last PAX hurdled each plank-PAX until he reached the head of the line. Then the next PAX jumped up and hurdled to the front. This continued for about 100 yards.

The PAX performed lunge walks back to the Cindy’s.

Once the Cindy’s were returned, we moseyed back to the flag.

COT…count, name, pledge and prayer.

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