December puts the Fun in Fun Run

14 posted on a breezy 50 degree morning for the monthly first Monday Fun Run. Nobody had claimed Q so YHC took it. Cumulative flyover rule in effect.

Warmup started with dive bombers, Chinooks, Phelps, Don Quixotes, Tunnels, and SSH. We then moseyed around the course to explain the stages and set up Cindys.

As usual, the fun run is a 1/4mi loop with four stations. Station 1 has 10 burpees and 10 LBCs, station 2 has 20 Cindy squats and 20 LBCs, station 3 has 30 merkins and 30 LBCs, and station 4 has 40 single-count mountain climbers and 40 LBCs. Fully completing each stage counts as 0.25 lap, with the goal to complete as many as possible in 20 minutes. Scores

Betty Crocker: 4.0

Gilligan: 4.0

Doughboy: 3.25

Radar: 3.25

Bogey: 3.25

R12: 4.0

Swabbie: 3.0

Mullet: 3.25

Honker: 3/0

Backstreet: 4.0

Flat Tire: 3.25

Clog: 3.25

Noodles: 3.25

Door Jam (YHC): 4.0

After completing, we gathered around the Cindys for curls, kettlebells, and overhead presses, then stowed the Cindys and moseyed to the flag for Mary (with lots of Boat Canoe).

Countarama, namearama, pledge, pray, dismissed.

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