Can’t touch my tractor

15 posted on a clear 43 degree morning.

Divebombers and disclaimer started the warmup, followed by Chinooks, Don Quixotes, Tunnels, and stretches. Last was MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This with SSH for the duration, and a burpee at every “can’t touch this” (note: get a louder speaker next time). YHC forgot how long that song was…

Afterwards, we moseyed to a pre-staged area with some cindys and the tractor tire. Eight stations were arranged; station 1 was the timer and Pax called “half” at the turnaround point for some of the other stations to switch exercises.

Station 1: Wheelbarrow or bear crawl to lightpole and back
Station 2: Burpees and lunges
Station 3: Boat canoe
Station 4: NEMOs
Station 5: Tire flips or lifts
Station 6: Blockees and kettlebells
Station 7: Squats and merkins 
Station 8: Gas pumpers and monkey humpers

Pax completed two full circuits, then stowed the cindys and tire before moseying to the flag. Since there was so much mumblechatter about not having enough burpees, we closed out with six double burpees.

Countarama, namearama, announcements, pledge, and pray.

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