(Soggy) Quarter Pounder

5 PAX posted on a very soggy Monday morning for some quarter pounder (plus)! The unrelenting pre-Christmas rain did not keep these intrepid souls from saying “no” to the draw of the fartsack.


Disclaimer while warming up the arms to some Michael Phelps, transitioning to Thru the Tunnels, Imperial Walkers, chinooks then some big arm circles. Warm up complete by paying homage to Clog with his “21” SSH salute – inability to end in synch resulted in a bonus 5 burpees (which foretold things to come).

The Thang

“Donut Rule” was in effect which led to (5) burpees for a single police car sighting. Mosey to the “back lot” and complete a modified “quarter pounder” which started with (5) burpees, run to the first island and complete (20) Merkins. Run backwards to the start. Complete the same burpees and Merkins then progress to the second station and complete (40) soggy LBCs. Each round added movement with the final sequence consisting of (5) burpees, (20) merkins, (40) LBCs, (60) mountain climbers and (80) SSH. Quads and hammies were screaming at the end of the final long backwards run.

Catch our breath and then – desert! Complete the last sequence plus an additional (5) burpees after each station. Yay!


Prayers for healing for Doobie’s family and travel concerns. Best wishes to all Pax during this holiday week!

Well done men!

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