Pax Picks

9 Pax met on a early morning for a game of Pax Picks.

DQ, BC (bad back and all), Radar, Mullet, Doughboy, Prego, Clog, & YHC Honker. Warm up and a littel lap around the AO. Then to the Cindy’s we go.

DQ is first to pick Incline Merks of course. . We do 5 reps of whatever the Pax thinks will work us best. Then a 50 yard run down and back. Next Pax pick is Clog with Decline Merks, Then Prego with SSH, Noodles with Curls, Radar with up right rows, BC with Squats, Dougboy and some WWII, then Mullet and OVer head press, YHC had us perform 10 Nemos at the end just in case. The whole deal was Cumulative. We had to always beagn with the first Pax and work our way to the next. Running between.

Then Pldge and COT.

Called it a day. Great way to start a Friday.

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