2019 was a Bear

To round out 2019, YHC wanted to lead the PAX to do something challenging, fulfilling, and seemingly stupid all at the same time. Why you might ask? I think why not is a better question. 14 total posted.

Conditions were remarkably warm for this late in December, 71 deg, 92% humidity, and a water logged ground.


Disclaimer, 21s in which YHC was the only one who lost count so we tacked on 5 burpees, 13 TTT, 15 Imperial Walkers, 10 Merkins IC, 10 Slow squats IC, Indian Run to the backlot, 5 flyover burpees.

The Thang

4 lanes each had a set of coupons. We’d break up into 4 teams with the objective to move our coupons one at a time to the other end of the lane as a team. One PAX would move them while the others bear crawled next to them. Rotate who had the coupon and who is bear crawling as necessary.

2: Represented by 2 cinder blocks, moved with a farmer’s carry

0: Represented by a tire, moved with a tire flip (R-12 pointed out that I never said the tires couldn’t be rolled … Luckily everyone flipped them the whole way)

1: Represented by a 4″x6″x6′ wood beam (our future pull-up poles), moved by lunging while holding the pole

9: No coupon, but represented by 9 burpees by each PAX at each island in the lane. Still bear crawl between islands.

This would result in each PAX bear crawling the majority of the lane 4 full times and accomplishing 45 burpees. Looked tough on paper. It was in real life too. But we all finished, thanks to a little encouragement by DQ at the end to make sure we didn’t skip out on our last 9 burpees.


Count and name -a-rama.

NYE CSAUP setup by nantan Doughboy and a mystery Q …. Meet at the Tanger lighthouse at 0200 on 1/1/20 for what is sure to be a night of fun and good stories.

Convergence with Savannah, Pooler, and Richmond’s Hill on 1/11 at Daffin Patk. Details to come later.

Pull-up bar install starts Friday morning if the rain holds off. Thanks Honker for taking the lead on this!

Pledge and Prayer

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