RH: Double 20

Last 2019 Q backblast: Double 20

Six intrepid souls dominated the gloom: @Primary @Fresh Prince @Shutter @Kenny G. @fng and yhc @Doobie!

Warmarama (30ct): plank jack, imperial walker, mule kicks.
Thang: 2020 between reps and meters ran. 12 rounds (1800 total): run 100m, 50 rep exercise (rotating upper body (merkin, plank jack, mini burpee, curb dips); core (gas pumper, freddy mercury, flutter kicks, big boy situp); legs (air squat, bonnie blairs, mule kicks, personal choice).

Last 220: 50 forward lunges (50m), 50 frog jumps back (50m), 20 burpees for @salmonella.

rama, namorama, new years resolution one each. Named FNG Nick @Splinter due to his love of woodworking and marshall arts! Welcome @Splinter, master ninja turtle sinsa!

Three big events:

  1. New Years @f3savannah CSAUP event, 0200-0700, meet at Tanger outlet lighthouse, mystery team events. PM @doughboy if you can make. “M”s are welcome.
  2. Sterling Creek Relay race 25Jan20. Great group event. Just sign up as team F3RH for now.

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