Epiphany 2020!

Epiphany 2020!
Seven intrepid souls conquered the gloom with Epiphany this morning: @Primary @chop @Shutter @Stoke @Shaker @sprinkles new to F3RH and yhc @Doobie! It is the 12th Day of Christmas and the official day of the Epiphany when we celebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men bearing gifts and further showing us the manifestation of God with Us-Emmanuel.
Warmarama (in 12s): 12 4ct IC walking Merkin toward shovel flag, 24 4ct IC squat imperial walker, 12 4ct IC mountain climbers, alphabet leg abs EPIPHANY all caps OYO.
The Thang: various horizontal movements to corners (karaoke, backwards, leap frog, iron Mike, etc); spell acronym EPIPHANY at corners (all reps in a multipleof 12):
E2K, 48 each side, elbow to knee oblique crunch.
Plankjack, 36 2ct.
Inchworm, 12.
Prayer Squat, 48. Hands folded in prayer.
Hand Release Prisoner Cell merkin Burpee, 12, HR merkin+HR merkin with right leg up+HR merkin with left leg up+HR merkin+squat jump.
Alternating Shoulder Taps, 24 2ct. Plank hand to opposite shoulder tap.
Nolan Ryan, 24 each side, side plank fist tuck.
Yurpee or Yoga Burpee, 12, instead of merkin-do a cobra and downward dog sequence with a squat jump to complete.

@Primary arrived 5 minutes ahead of his usual 10 minute late arrival! @Fresh Prince drive up for morale support toward end of Yurpees.

&namarama. Pledge. COT.

Bible study led by @Gilligan 6:45-7:45pm Wednesday at RHUMC. Contact @Primary or @loveseat if you can make. First for this year!

@coastalempire Convergence this Saturday 6am Daffin park! Let’s represent, clown cars will depart flagpole at 0520 Saturday!

@chop Q Wednesday.

@Stoke will provide details for P200 Boston butt fundraiser and HHI dinner! Goal is to sell 100 Boston butts in RH!

Pray that you have those Epiphany and Eureka moments all year long in your family and relationships! Godspeed mighty F3RH, Build the Hill! I have 500 more F3 cards! 20pax in 2020!:slightly_smiling_face: 😀 :f3:

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