Fab Abs

10 PAX posted in a chilly 37° gloom for an ablicious workout. The disclaimer was issued followed by about 10 minutes of stretches and exercises to get the heart rate up.

Since BC wasn’t present, it was deemed an appropriate time to play some country party music while we did a tabata routine consisting of Freddy Mercury’s, flutter kicks, scissor kicks and 3 variations on the plank. Each exercise was performed for 1 minute back-to-back with a 1 minute rest at the end. We did 2 sets. Next we did a Dora routine in a 1:3 ratio of merkins and SSHs beginning at 1, going up to 10 merkins. After a minute break, we worked our way back down. We finished with an Inch Crawl involving the PAX being single file holding a plank while the last guy bear crawled to the head of the line. The line wasn’t too long and we did 2 crawls each.

Wrapped up with the pledge and a prayer.

Swabbie is the Friday Q.

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