New Year’s Eve Party

In past years many of the PAX have had “fun” experiences doing a local CSAUP made up of our own. YHC wanted to continue the tradition into 2020, but kept the details close to his vest. Not much was shared other than time and place: 0200 at the Lighthouse (an actual functioning lighthouse at the Tanger Outlet Mall in Pooler, GA no where near the water). 10 brave souls showed for what was to be a great adventure.

Everyone was loaded up into an unmarked 15 passenger van and headed off to the unknown, blindfolds were considered but decided against for fear of car sickness. Pulling into the parking lot of the Pooler AO, the Q inspected the gear and we were off. ARMY physical fitness test (modified)…2 minutes of AMAP Hand Release Merkins, AMAP Luge Crunch, Run 1.5 miles under 12 minutes. Headed off for some Pull-ups AMAP. Formed 3 teams for Deck of Pain. 1 card for reps and 1 for exercise, everything was multiplied by 10 (it seamed). We went through the entire deck. Each round was followed by a 50m run. Losing team carried 80lbs sand bag, 2nd place 40lbs, and it paid to be a winner with no weight. By this time all PAX had lost track of the time and we loaded up into the van for our next adventure. We headed off to another secret location, Area 51, for the next round of adventure, pulling through a heavily guarded gate and getting the secret code words correct (“Top of the Rock”) we were waived through without any invasive searches. We parked and loaded up all gear, packs, rucks, shoulder bag, can of water, sand bags, and the spare tire (it seamed). 2 mile march under the leadership of a female attendee. Mistakes were made and we missed out time hack. Punishment equaled a lot of burpees, YHC lost count at 25 and quit. AAR of Take Aways followed by short break. We were taught how the importance of and how to apply tourniquets. We cut off the pulse to each others arms and legs, while Doobie’s witfe wanted to cut off all blood flow to his head (including oxygen I’m pretty sure). 2 miles to march back with no mistakes this time and we beat the time hack with time to spare, thanks to our TL Noodles. Quick AAR and we loaded up for the return trip. The Cadre and YHC were a little disappointed that the darkness prevented us from running the Obstacle Course and Ropes, but safety first and we will save that fun for another day.

YHC is so appreciative for all that came out and each of us were sore for a reason. Doing a CSAUP is stupid (it’s in the name) but we build lasting friendships, because we are there for each other in the tough times and these event leave great memories. I hope that this tradition will continue and that more would be able to participate in these types of events!

Doughboy- OUT!

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