Shirts vs. Skins

YHC welcomed 14 PAX at 0530 on a cool brisk 49deg morning in the gloom. There was an FNG (Theo) that came dangerously close to being late and incurring a burpee penalty for the group. This is the same FNG that showed up this past Wed during the Circle of Trust, clearly well after the workout. We definitely gotta work on his punctuality or just tell him the workout starts at 0430. We did some Michael Phelps while reciting the F3 Mission, F3 Core Principles, and the F3 Credo which is “Leave No Man Behind, But Leave No Man Where You Find Him”. Bonus points to Betty Crocker for knowing the F3 Credo. Finkel Swings and hamstring stretches were performed during the remainder of the disclaimer time.

YHC chose two captains to pick their respective team the old-school way. Rock/Paper/Scissors to see who goes first. Keep in mind the captains, Betty Crocker and Woo Hoo, had no clue what the workout was going to consist of so there was no strategy involved. You know like if we were going to run sprints, don’t pick FlatTire.

First team competition, the Bring Sally Up challenge with push-ups. If you’re spent before the song is over, then you continue with squats. YHC got a new speaker for Christmas so what a better way to break it in with a little Moby Flowers? Team Woo Hoo – 1, Team Betty Crocker – 0. This is where winning team was supposed to choose Shirts vs. Skins for the rest of the Q but it was too dang cold for all that.

Next activity was to run an accelerator, which means 50% effort until the second light pole in the parking lot (about halfway) and then accelerate to full speed until you get to the other side of the parking lot. Once all PAX made it we all did 20 merkins, 20 big boi sit-ups, and 20 squats.

The next team competition was a sprint across the parking lot to where we started…all you got! Luckily no one pulled up lame, or at least admitted to it. And although they were blurs and really small dot figures since YHC was so far behind, R-12 and Hardover were the fastest of the group. Team Woo Hoo – 2, Team Betty Crocker – 0. Winners did 5 Body Builders (burpee with plank jack inserted in middle) while the losers did 10. Shortly after, both teams did 30 calf raises OYO and 15 tuck jumps OYO. Then cleaned up with 15 merkins, 15 big boi sit-ups, and 15 squats. And tried to catch our breath.

The final team competition was good ole fashioned Ultimate Frisbee. There was a 5 burpee penalty for an incompletion or turnover, basically if the frisbee hit the ground. If you were the sender and receiver on the missed throw then you dropped and did the 5 burpees and play continued. The intent was keep the pace of play going and encourage constant movement of the PAX. When a team scored, the opposing team completed 10 burpees. YHC heard all the mumble chatter: Oh it’s not a real frisbee (it was an aerodynamic ring). You have to account for the curve. We lost FNG and have one less player. Can we do merkins instead of burpees. So and so is just cherry picking. Blah, blah, blah, etc. Although we collectively probably did about 163 burpees, let’s just say one team did more than the other. Team Woo Hoo – 3, Team Betty Crocker – 0.

YHC recommends we play Ultimate Frisbee at least once a month because we all are really terrible at it. Welcome back FootLong, the secret weapon of Team Woo Hoo. We finished up with some Mary. Captain Thor = 1 Big Boi Sit-Up and 4 American Hammers with increasing interval. We got up to 6 and 24. Oh and by the way, since BC got the F3 Credo correct…

Final Score: Team Woo Hoo – 3, Team Betty Crocker – 459.

For those that can make it, 0700 workout followed by getting the pull-up bars installed. Prayer request for the grandson of YHC’s friend that was born premature at 25 weeks. Family is trying to stay uplifted and could use your prayers for sure. Flat Tire mentioned the next Palmetto 200 meeting is scheduled for Tue at 1930 at Los Bravos on Hwy 80 in Pooler. Everyone is invited to get the latest info and how we all can help raise money for 4 great causes.

Pledge, pray, and on our way…

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