Water run

20 posted on a warm (for January) mid-60s morning to attempt YHC’s fun run proposal.

After a disclaimer and warmups, an Indian run around the back lot led to the stash of Cindys. Each Pax took one and shuffled to the soccer fields (being used as the bars in the back lot were not complete), where a surprisingly large amount of standing water awaited.

This proposal was a 20-minute, five-station, 1/4 mile loop, with stations as follows:

Station 1: 5 pullups, 15 hand-release merkins

Station 2: 20 squat-thrusters with Cindy

Station 3: 20 single-count Bonnie Blairs

Station 4: 10 burpees, 10 WWII’s

Station 5: 10 Hammers, 10 kettlebell swings (co-located with Station 2)

Pax split up to start at various stations due to pullup bar space limitations. 20 minutes of soggy, squishy, miserable suckitude followed.

After completion, Cindys were stowed and Pax returned to the flag, where YHC withdrew this fun run proposal from candidacy and an FNG (to be named Sundial the following week) showed up very, very late.

Countarama, namearama, pledge, pray, and dismissed.

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