Hail to the Chiefs!

Hail to the Chiefs!

A mighty 6-Pack celebrated Andy Reid and the Chiefs victory in the gloom: @Stoke @chop @Shutter @Kenny G. @Teddy Bear and yhc @Doobie.

With the winning come back # being 31, we made that the warmarama #: windmills, deep squats, and 10 yurpees OYO.

Thang: four corners for the four Quarters of the Super Bowl, one acronym exercise per corner:
C-10 clurpee (clapping merkin burpee);
H-high knees to the next corner;
I-31 incline merkin;
E-31 2ct E2K elbow to knee oblique situp;
F-31 2ct Freddie Mercury bicycles;
S-31 squat jump thrusters;

A-31 2ct Alternating shoulder taps;
N- not normal merkins, but I cannot remember!
D-31 dips;
Y-20 yurpees;
R-31 2ct Rocky Balbao curb toe taps;
E-31 2ct E2K;
I-10 inchworms;
D-50m Duck Walk with quacking sounds;

54 gas pumpers to closeout our celebration of SB LIV!

&namarama with one thing you are grateful for!

Pledge, COT! Great job fellas! Thanks @Stoke for RH Qing the pork butts!

@Shutter VQ set for Wednesday, be there to support!

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