Radar’s Run


Disclaimer during an extended plank for final decision on the new 2020 Fun Run.

Quick warm-up with SSH, Rockin NC, Tunnels. Mosey to back parking lot.

The Thang

4 Stations at each corner of the parking lot

  • 1st Station: 30 Lunges/Bonnie Blairs; 30 LBC
  • 2nd Station: 20 Merkins; 20 LBC
  • 3rd Station: 10 Air Squats; 10 LBC
  • 4th Station: 5 Pull-ups; 5 dips

The fun begins at the 4th Station with a run to the 1st (1/8th completed). Each leg counts as an 1/8th. Completing a station completes a 1/4. Complete 4th station = 1.0 rounds complete.


Countarama, namearama, announcements, pledge of allegiance, prayer.

Congrats to Butt sale (PACK) and always a pleasure.

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