For 2019, a few of us wanted to challenge the men of F3 Coastal Empire with some specific goals aimed around pushing yourself individually and getting out of your comfort zone to help grow F3 locally. Growing doesn’t just mean increasing the number of PAX that attend workouts, but also means invigorating leadership in the HIM that are already part of F3. I believe we saw tremendous growth in our region, both individually and as an entire region. Heck, we are even calling ourselves F3 Coastal Empire now! Below are the results of the challenge, with several PAX coming in at the end of the year to achieve some of the harder ones.

YHC acknowledges the delinquency of this post. Better late than never.

For 2020, we want to do something similar. YHC is a self proclaimed geek, so I like seeing the data and using it to provide motivation or evidence of progress. For others it may provide a goal to work towards. For others it might be the right level of competition. Whatever your reason, I hope you’ll consider participating in the challenges.

2019 In Review

We had 7 challenges to work towards.

Challenge 1: Q 10 workouts, backblast or it didn’t happen

Doobie, Doughboy, and Flat Tire led the way with 20 each.

Betty Crocker, Salmonella, Clog, Trophy, Gilligan, Swabbie, and Hamm all also completed the challenge.

If we don’t require a backblast, 14 different PAX Q’d more than 10 workouts … But backblasts matter.

Challenge 2: Post at 5 different sites/AOs

YHC led the way here thanks to opportunities to travel with work. I’m always looking for the closest F3 workout. I was able to post at 11 different sites, 3 of which are in our own region.

Flat Tire, Doughboy, Bogey, Gilligan, Octagon, Swabbie, and Trophy all also completed the challenge.

Challenge 3: Q 2 workouts at your non-home AO

Flat Tire and Gilligan led the way each with 4 Qs away from Pooler. Way to lead outside of your comfort zone!

YHC, Doughboy, Funyuns, and Salmonella all also completed the challenge.

Challenge 4: Post to at least 100 F3 workouts.

Our fearless nantan Doughboy led all pax with 213 posts. It was probably higher than this as I suspect a few workouts may not have been entered in the tracker.

YHC, Swabbie, Flat Tire, Gilligan, Clog, Radar, Honker, and DQ all completed the challenge. Swabbie and Honker were new going into the year, or joined part way through the year, so this says a lot about how much they embraced F3 right away. DQ officially logged 99 workouts, but there were likely a couple missed entries, so he definitely got the 100.

Challenge 5: Participate in 3 2ndF events

23 different PAX completed this, with Nantan Doughboy leading the way with 29 events. These ranged from coffeeteria, to 2ndFriday-2ndF lunches, to happy hours. Whatever the occasion, it’s always good to get the PAX together.

Challenge 6: Participate in 2 3rdF events

The tracker only shows YHC, Flat Tire, Clog, Doughboy, Gilligan, Honker, and Swabbie as completing this challenge. YHC knows this isn’t correct and there were several events that weren’t logged. But, look for 2020 logging of 3rdF events to improve.

Challenge 7: EH 3 FNGs

In all, 76 new men were brought into F3 via F3 Savannah in 2019. We definitely had a mindset to give it away.

YHC, Hamm, Swabbie, Clog, Doobie, Flat Tire, Gilligan, Shaker, Honker, and Trophy all completed the challenge by EH’ing 3 or more PAX that posted.

Total Challenges:

YHC, Flat Tire, and Gilligan completed all 7 challenges.

Doughboy and Swabbie completed 6 of the 7.

Clog completed 5 of the 7.

Honker completed 4 of the 7.

2020 Challenges

We still want to track workout participation. The challenges won’t look significantly different from last year other than the quantity since they were already designed to hit the key elements that can make F3 work to build stronger Leaders. YHC is open to other challenges as proposed by the PAX, and YHC will figure out how to track them (thank goodness for Google forms and SQL to make this easier!). Any PAX who want to learn how to build trackers, or already know how, please reach out … I could use the help! The rewards for this will be your own sense of accomplishment, bragging rights, and public recognition on Slack and the webpage. We are a free organization after all, so funds don’t exist for material awards.

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