Full-body intervals

14 posted on a 57 degree morning for a full-body interval workout. Two added an EC run with pullups.

Warmups and a disclaimer concluded with 21s, which almost succeeded, but burpees were nonetheless inflicted. No flyover rule as it wasn’t necessary.

PAX then moseyed to the back corner of the lot where 16 stations were set up: Skullcrushers, air squats, merkins, Dollies, lunges, pullups (to failure) and dips, WWIIs, squat thrusters, an out-and-back bear crawl (the timer), gas pumpers, kettlebells, burpees, LBCs, Algores, hand-release merkins, and Freddie Mercs. Various coupons were distributed for PAX rotated stations for about 25 minutes, then collected and stowed the coupons.

Upon return to the flag, CoP with merkins (IC), lunges (IC), boat-canoe, and boxcutters finished us off.

Countarama, namearama, no announcements, pledge and pray. Dismissed.

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