Feel the Bern

In honor of tomorrow’s 2020 New Hampshire primaries, 17 Pax, including 2 FNG’s (Welcome, Swiftie and Hobbes!) gathered in the Pooler gloom to ‘Feel the Bern’ with an old-fashioned cinder block beatdown

Monday, February 10th, 2020 workout


Disclaimer given twice, due to late FNG

Through-the-tunnels & Don Quixote’s                                                                                    

4-count Merkins (10)                                                                     

4-count Imperial Walkers (15)


Cinder blocks procured from the pain locker, one for each person. 

Pax circled up and did:

Bicep static curls, each person holds a cinder block in a curl position, facing outward.  Each person runs around the outside of the circle, one at a time pushing on each block.  The exercise concludes when the entire Pax has gone around the circle once.  

(10) 4-count
in cadence
(15) Lunges,
each leg
Am. Hammers,
15 EA side
(12) Tricep Ext., cadence(15) 4-count
Gas Pumpers,
(15) Overhead
(10) Jump
Dollies, cadence
Run the
(15) Incline
(15) Monkey HumpersStraight leg raises, cadence
(15) Decline
(10) Oil Derricks
(25) World War II’s
(10) BlockiesSquat thrusters
Kettle Bells

Stacking Relay Race, 4 teams of 4, plus an extra.   This was a straight-up 30 – 40 yard dash with a cinder block, each team member adding a block to the end-to-end stack, and returning to tag a team-mate.  Teams ran a 5th leg to make sure everyone had a chance. Team Bogie, DQ, Swiftie and Backstreet won by a slight margin.

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