Soccer Golf

Five mighty PAX christened the inaugural soccer golf tournament in the full moon gloom: @Leach @Shaker @Trophy @loveseat and yhc @Doobie.

Warmarama (12ct): moroccan jacks, imperial walkers, soccer ball shift merkins, ball legup hello Dolly, deep squat ball throws, ball burpees. Dribble to first corner, ball legup hello Dolly, dribble to next corner, 24 toe touches. Dribble to middle of grass fields.

Thang: soccer golf. As many light posts as possible in 15 minutes. Kick ball from one light post to the other (about 100m apart), ball must touch light post. First kick 5 ball burpees, second kick 10 ball legups or big boy situps, third kick 15 air squats, fourth kick 20 air squats, fifth kick 25 air squats. Any PAX can kick another players ball in any direction if it is moving. You can help assist or hurt based on where you kicked it. I saw some great assists!

Next, 45m shot to goal. Minus 10 burpees for whole group if you make it, plus 10 burpees if you miss. We ended with 2 goals, 3 misses for 10 burpees. Dribble back to shovel flag. 12 ball legup hello Dolly.

rama, namarama, valentine day plans, pledge, COT.

Keep @Stoke sister’s baby in your prayers. Blake @puma and all others kids with flu.

Happy 287th birthday Savannah!

@Shaker leading bible study tonight at RHUMC at 6:45pm. @Trophy Q Friday. Think one thing you and your M can do daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. @salmonella Q Saturday. Bring your 2.0s.

Happy Hump Day! Seize it!

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