Valentine’s Obstacle Course

YHC knew ahead of time that this one looked better on paper than reality. But I still wanted to try a few new exercises and a challenge. No one got hurt other than maybe some minor scrapes and bruised ego’s thanks to really tall picnic tables.


Plank with disclaimer and review of F3 Mission.

10 merkins IC

21’s … R-6 finished perfectly on time with everyone else, even Honker. Except for his 1.0. R-12 apparently thought they were called 20’s. We had to do burpees.

Flyover rule in effect.

The Thang

Indian Run to the backlot and around to the pull up bars. With 17 PAX, we did this in 2 lines for the run so that more sprinting could be had by all.

Flyover #1 – 5 burpees

5 pull-ups, 10 dips, 5 pull-ups by all.

To celebrate this Valentine’s Day, YHC called for a tunnel of LOVE. With 17 PAX, that starts hitting the limit of comfortable. The gravel exceeded the limit of comfortable. R-6 bear crawled the whole tunnel … I hope this kid doesn’t VQ soon.

Dual line Indian Run to middle of the front parking lot.

Arrive at a mini-obstacle course with routines aimed to test and strengthen your explosiveness.

  • 5 kneeling jumps
    • Start on knees, jump to both feet on the ground, no hands to assist
  • Sprint ~50 yards
  • Continuous hurdles
    • 4 stacks of 3 high cindy’s, with alternating stacks of 2 high cindy’s to the sides (YHC should’ve taken a picture)
    • Feet together jump over the high hurdle, lateral jump over the short hurdle, lateral back over the short hurdle, jump the next high hurdle, etc
  • Sprint ~50 yards
  • Standing jump to the top of the picnic table * 3 tables
  • Sprint ~50 yards
  • Large tire flip with a broad jump over the tire. Turn around and do it again. Turn around and do it again (3 total)
  • Sprint ~50 yards
  • Tire gauntlet
    • 5 tires to shuffle through, classic football workout
  • Sprint to the finish

YHC can attest that the sprints at the finish were much slower than the sprints at the start.

While each PAX was running the course, the remainder PAX were circled up for various leg exercises. This wasn’t structured, goal was to keep the blood flowing and the muscles burning the whole time. Exercises consisted of:

  • Jump Squats
  • High Knees
  • Reverse Lunge Knee Drivers
  • Speed Skaters
  • Bonnie Blairs
  • Jumping Knee Tucks
  • Calf Jumps which turned into the old P90X single foot hop cross routine
  • Monkey Humpers

After every PAX went through the course once, we did resistance sprints. Swabbie brought his rope/sash/lasso thing for this. One PAX loops it around his upper body, the other sits behind him pulling on the rope to slow him down. Each PAX ran through at least once. There were 2 back-to-back flyovers during this.

Back to the flag, one more flyover rule entry, and then YHC called it.


Countarama, namearama, announcements, pledge, prayer

QSource today at Noon at Front Porch in Pooler

Saturday workout options in Savannah and Richmond Hill tomorrow.

Prayers for Hobbes’ wife who has a medical procedure on Tuesday, and prayers for Clog and his M as they work through decisions as small business owners.

I can’t think of many things that I look forward to at 0530 in the morning, but this group is one of them. You are all an encouragement to me, and I hope we continue to encourage others to get better and be better.

Thanks to all of the PAX who helped me clean up the coupons after. Not necessary as I had planned to do it, but much appreciated.

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