In the Gloom… …the Q Said

12 PAX gathered for a pyramid style workout based on a classic kid’s memory game. It started out easy…

Conditions: Balmy 65degF with light breeze, rain nearby but AO was mostly dry.


Disclaimer was provided while several movements were completed including jog in place, Michael Phelps, Thru the Tunnels, Walkers, etc. Honker and DoorJam were already warmed up with pre work-out activity.

The Thang:

Mosey to the back lot. Each PAX was assigned a number. PAX 1 (YHC) named an exercise and amount of reps (in this case it was 5 burpees). Next round PAX #2 was temporary Q and added an exercise to the list. Each respective PAX added a movement until we reached round 11 that had 11 activities. Between rounds we moved to another corner of the back lot. Sometimes YHC called for something other than mosey (including running backwards and side shuffle). We made it through 11 rounds but ran out of time, so Flat Tire was spared the memory test and added his 20 Merkins to the 11th round.

Mosey back to the flag – out of time


75 burpees, 100 4Ct Squats, 90 Peter Parkers, 80 4ct Flutter Kicks, 28 WWIIs, 36 Jump Squats, 50 Mary Janes, 20 Coursey Squats, 15 Star Jacks, 10 LBCs, 20 Merkins and 1 busted knee.


P200 is coming together, legs have been posted. We still need sponsors. Q Source continues on Friday – need a Q. Quick prayer and go forth into the world to do great things!

Naked Moleskin

R12 failed the memory test miserably. Mullet was doing his best impression of Clog. Without instruction the group circled up in the same order for each round. This was very pleasing to YHC’s deepLy ingrained OCD. Well done PAX!

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