Down & Back

Fav 5 beat the backside out of the gloom yesterday: @Trophy @chop @Leach @Teddy Bear and yhc @Doobie.

Warmarama (19ct): morrocan Jack’s, windmills, deep 4ct squats, 5 windshields.

Thang: no cindy time. Moseyed over to new asphalt on the 144 southbound.

10 rounds for distance (on fresh virgin asphalt):
1 minute sprint, 30 second exercise. 5 rounds north, 5 rounds south. Exercise in order: plank jack, merkin, big boy situps, forward lunge, burpees twice. Classic get your ol ticker up and keep it there!

rama, namarama, pledge COT.

Keep praying for Jason @Shaker friend with brain tumor. @Trophy Q Friday, @salmonella Q Saturday. @Teddy Bear hosting P200 run Saturday during Q!

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