Cindy lexicon

18 pax posted for some Cindy work and lexicon school.

Warmup. SSH, TTT, MNC, Chinooks, all IC at random reps. 5 Burpees to celebrate a late arrival by one PAX. Mosey to cindys.

Circle up and comeplete the following IC at random reps until the Q called it or until several pax reach failure.

Curls x40, goblet squats x 30, LBCx 25. All IC. Reviewed the definition of Foreplay ( pre workout / run before regular workout starts) Several pax participate regularly in foreplay.

KB swings x30 oyo, Courtsey squat IC x 25, Freddie Merc x 20. Clown Car (3 or more pax riding together, normally to a AO or event that is outside of their AO)

OH press x25, Reverse squats x 25, LBC x 20. All IC. Elvis ( leaving during the middle of the workout to answer natures call or do something else and return to the workout) Also called Shartsack.

Bent over rows x20 each side, Imperial squat walkers x 20, Freddie merc x 20. Groundhogging (Waking up for a workout and getting back in bed because the weather is bad) We’ve had a lot of this lately!

Had time for one more round of curls, Goblet squats, and LBC’s. Return Cindy and mosey to flag

Prayers for Deuce and his report from his upcoming A1C test. Countarama, namearama. Pledge pray and on our way.

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