Agassi Pursuit

The gloom and the gloom: four fortitudious souls seized the gloom: @Leach @chop @Stoke and yhc @Doobie. Agassi pursuit.

Warmarama (20ct): SSH, slow&low squat, mule kickers, and 5 OYO yurpees.

Thang: partner up with one cindy. 5 burpees, then cindy pursuit. Three right turns around lake to tennis courts.

One three-court Agassi with 5ct upperward ladder at each touch line. First court down&back 5/10/15/20 merkins, second court down&back 5/10/15/20/25 situp, third court down&back 5/10/15/20/25 air squat.

One game of Dodgeball, mosey back to Cindy locker, numberama, namarama, pledge COT! @Leach new career moves and family health, @chop big brief on gut health, big test Friday @Stoke @Doobie

Need a Q Wednesday!

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