1 year of FUN

15 PAX met for YHC 1 yr. F3 Anniversary. Upon arriving YHC found @hardover deep into some alone time Foreplay. I let him be. Then @duce showed up for a few Pulls & dips and a little Foreplay of his own.

Who was there??? Swabbie, Norm, Doughboy, Pergo, Radar, Deuce, Hardover, BC, Gilligan, Mullet, Tutti Frutti, R12, R6, Bogey, YHC (Honker)

We bagan with the disclaimer and a few warm ups. SSH, Merks, Morrocan Night Clubs, Chinooks, & Imperial Walkers (This was Q-ed by BC because YHC Imperial Walkers Cadence has a lot to be desired)

Then Mosey to the Cindy Farm. Circled up for 25 curles just because Flat tire and DQ were not there.

The Thang: Had (5) Stations set out a few 100 yards apart. Give are take??Performed (1) Nemo at the start. Run to station (1) Performed (1) rep of the following IN ORDER the up and down will get you. Merk, SSH, WWII. Then back to start Perforemd (2) Nemos. Then back to station (1) perfomed (1) rep of each Merk, SSH, WWII. then to station (2) Now perform (2) reps of each. Then back to station (1) Performed (1) rep each. then to start for (3) Nemos. You see the patteren yet?? Perform at each station as you pass it coming and going add a Nemo as you go. Once complete a little over a mile run, (15) Nemos, 55 Merks, SSH , and WWII, and of course the up and dwons in between each.

Then Mosey to the flag for some Coffee and Doughnuts. No really we had coffe and doughnuts. Pledge and COT. We had some great parking lot camaraderie. Enjoyed the year guys thanks. I look foward to this for some reason.

SYITG. Honker

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