Spring Breaking

Four regular pax and an out of town FNG from Iowa brought by Scrum.  Flag in place with disclaimed made at the start of the workout.

Started with COP with SSH, through the tunnel, Moroccan nightclubs, merkins, mountain climbers and windmills all IC and 19 reps.

Moseyed toward the stadium and back to get coupons.

Lined up on the field with coupons. Series of exercises with coupons at with across the field lunging or bear crawling across the field.  Bicep curls, squat thrust, rows, squats and burpees all 19 reps each.  Travelled back across the field with same exercises in reverse order.

Back to the flag for Mary with each pax suggesting an exercise.

Named our FNG Blue light special.  He will be in town this week before traveling back to Iowa.

Finished with pledge and COT modified to maintain appropriate social distancing.

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