Virtual pax in a virtual world

Thanks to COVID-19 the Pooler AO has suspended in-person workouts. For the duration of the suspension, then, we will be posting “virtual” workouts for PAX to complete on their own.

Three PAX admitted to doing the workout OYO—BC, Hardover, and YHC. Workout was posted as follows:

Stopwatch or timer highly recommended.

  • Pick four points about 50 feet apart between each one, preferably in a line, not a square (optional: place a coupon at station 3).
  • Warm up OYO for about 5 minutes
  • Using convenient markers (lightpoles, mailboxes, etc.) mosey for 5 minutes, sprinting every third marker.
  • Starting at station 1, do one burpee, run to station 2 and do two merkins, run to station 3 and do three squats, then run to station 4 and do four LBCs.
  • Run backwards to station 1 and repeat, doubling the reps (2, 4, 6, 8).
  • Continue repeating, doubling reps each time (4,8,12,16; 8,16,32,48; 16,32,48,64) for 30 minutes. If you hit 64 LBCs, start over at 1 burpee.
  • Last, do 5 minutes of Mary, your choice, but finish with one minute of boat canoe (switching every 5 seconds).

Overall it was a tough workout to do in the heat (as Hardover and BC did) or with 18 extra pounds (like YHC).

Overall, doing the workout solo sucks—but at least with a defined workout there’s a plan and some accountability, and more pressure not to throw in the towel early. “I can’t quit because I’m the one who came up with this” was also a strong motivator…

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