6 PAX and a 2.0 self-reported posting throughout the day. This workout required a timer and a coupon (props to Bogey’s use of a gas can). Yes, YHC stretched it a bit on exercise names, but it is on the official list… so on to the workout as sent out:

Warmup – 5 minutes OYO.  

Set 1: In between each exercise, run about 50 yards (faster than a mosey but not a sprint) then run backwards to the start.

Curls – 19 (4- count)

Overhead press – 19 (4 count)

V-ups – 19 (4 count)

Iron Mike (AKA Bonnie Blairs, jump lunges) – 19 (each leg)

Double burpees (burpees with two merkins, not one) – 19

Rest (1 minute)

Set 2: EMOM – Set a timer (plenty of apps available for this) with one-minute intervals. Each minute, start doing the exercise listed. If you finish, you get to rest until the next interval starts. If you don’t, stop where you are and move on to the next.

Kettlebell swings – 30

Squats with coupon – 30

Merkins – 30

Boxcutters – 30

SSH – 30 (4- count)

Burpees – 10

Rest 1 minute. Repeat two more times.

Set 3: in whatever time remains, repeat the following until total workout time hits 45 minutes or failure occurs:

20 merkins

20 LBCs

20 squats

Overall it seems that the virtual workout is picking up steam. The in-person nature of our regular workouts helps keep many of us (including YHC) accountable; under the current restrictions, this seems the best way to maintain that. Let’s keep it up.

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