Low-impact with Sally

Four PAX attested to completing Wednesday’s virtual workout, as follows:
This is a low-impact strength workout–a change from YHC’s usual HIIT/power favorite. Coupon required again–use what you have, be inventive if necessary. And as usual, modify if necessary but maintain good form in your modification. 
If you want some more cardio, do some EC with a 20 minute run beforehand. 
Warm up OYO for five minutes, finishing with 20 SSH.

With an emphasis on form over speed (in fact, going slowly is preferred) do the following with your coupon:

30 overhead presses

30 walking lunges (15/leg)

30 American hammers (15/side)

30 curls

30 squats

30 flutter kicks (holding coupon up)

30 bent-over rows per arm

5 blockees or burpees 

Next, using your coupon or other suitable landscape feature, do 30 incline merkins, 50 LBCs (good ones, not fun-run ones), 30 decline merkins, 50 LBCs, then 40 hand-release merkins. Recover. 

Hold a good Al Gore (femur parallel to the ground) for one minute. Do 40 squat thrusters with your coupon, then hold Al Gore again until failure. When that occurs, lay on your back and hold your feet six inches off the ground with your legs straight. Repeat 20 seconds up and 10 seconds rest, till you fail to make it all the way to 20 seconds. 

Finally, finish with Moby’s Flower (“Bring Sally Up”). If you can’t find it, set a timer for 3:20 and go up or down every six or seven seconds. Or, if you have a partner, set the same time and one of you calls up, and the other calls down. Or, have a 2.0 call it for you. Whatever you have available.


Overall the workout was an interesting change. Betty Crocker pointed out that apparently the lyrics to Flower actually say “green sally up”, but it doesn’t much seem to matter—the exercise still sucks. Perhaps next time it should start the workout—or alternatively, be done with burpees.

YHC will continue to post virtual workouts as long as the house imprisonment social distancing remains in effect—it’s a good challenge and critical for motivation—but anyone else who wants to put one out there, feel free.

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