Earlybird Backblast, July 27th: five souls defeated the pregloom: @Fresh Prince @chop @Blue gazelle @Wild Thing yhc.

They thought they had a choice between tennis, frisbee or soccer, but yhc took on the @Primary dictator choice to no choice option so soccer it was!

Warmarama: 10 4ct ball suspension hand crossovers, 6 4ct ball jumpovers, 20 4ct ball American hammers, 5 both hand ball merkins, 10 OYO diamond ball pushups. Dribble around bldging to grass.

Thang: 20min as many light pools as possible (two large light pools in middle of grass field-ball must make contact with pool).
First kick, 10 meerkins; second kick, 15 WWII ball overhead situps; third kick, 20 air squats.

If ball is moving, can kick other ball toward or away from pole.

@Wild Thing won, chose 15 burpee penalty after winning furthest kick competition.

nama, namarama, pledge, COT.

Short message about God being there for you in the trial and tribulations and they will come!

Work day at Zion Baptist church Saturday 0830- 1030. Bring your Ms and 2.0s.

Val is doing better, got to see fam this weekend. Still long road. Pray for educators and decision makers! Keep the faith brothers! Nothing better than the GA coastal sunrise today!

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