Lightning by @trophy F3RH

@doobie @Duke @Pine Knot @Primary @Gus @Teddy Bear @Hulk @Blue gazelle @Leach gathered to Ride the Lightning on a gloomy July morning…

July 27, 1984 Metallica released 2nd album… Ride the Lightning

Morrocan jacks x15
Imperial squat walkers x10
Nipple scrapper merkins x10
Gas pumpers x20

Mosey to the all natural fields….


LUNGES x27, 100 yd sprint
IMPERIAL SQUAT WALKERS x27, 100 yd sprint
GROINER x27, 100 yd back pedals
HAPPY JACKS (5 jacks, 2 squat jumps) x27, 100 yd back pedal
T-MERKIN x27, 100 yd karaoke
NOLAN RYAN x27, 100 yd karaoke
INCH WORMS x27, 100 yd skippers
NIPPLE SCRAPER MERKIN x27, 100 yd skippers
GAS PUMPERS x27, 100 yd crab walk

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