Pipemaker by @doobie

1AUG F3RH Backblast:
Seven brothers from other mothers took the Saturday gloom: @Fresh Prince @The Leopard @Pine Knot @Duke @fng and yhc.

After warmarama, moseyed to the 48″ concrete drainage pipe sections. Partnered up:
2 sets:
10 L-shaped pipe pullups
20 negative pipe merkins
10 ankles to hands legups
20 negative pipe merkins

Rotate, non-pipe exercise partner did air squats.

It was hot :fire: in those pipes!

Moseyed to the green creek trail rollercoaster to wood bridge. Leap frog partner execise at bottom of each low ditch crossing, rotate between 10 burpee and 20 WWII situps. Moseyed back to COT for 25 minutes of garbage ball, thanks @Primary!

rama, namarama, named Gary Worst, @liver for his least favorite food! Nothing better than a little liverworst and onion on your sandwich! Welcome @liver!

COT than pledge!

No coffeeteria.

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