Corners by @wildthing 5:30am Q

5:30 Shake the Monday’s off group of @Leach @The Leopard @Trophy and YHC. Welcome @Uncle Si.
Warm up- Jumping Jacks, Emperial Walkers, toe touches.

The Thang- 4 corners
20-push-up variation
30-squat leg variation
40-dip variation
50-core/abs variation

Total of…
40 burpees
80 pushups

One more lap with 4 corners and a 30 second max rep
Push up
Jumping Jacks

Finished up with a round robin Merry of 5 different core workouts

Announcement, pledge, prayer. Pray for @doobie wife for a speedy recovery, civil unrest, front line workers, educators, students, parents, and the community.

The Monday’s left our bodies for sure and ready for a strong week!!

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