Suicide Squad

With the continuation of theme week, YHC and DQ said “Roll Tape” for a week of Movie themed workouts. First up was Suicide Squad.

Warmups of mixed Merkins, Don Quiotes, TTT, and a few more. Mosey to back parking lot.

Line up on one side of parking lots. Perform 20 Squats, Run to first parking line, 10 HR Merkins, return to start, 20 squats, Run to second line, 20 Merkins, return to start, 20 squats, Continue on at 3rd line with 30 Plank Jacks, 40 Overhead claps at 4th line, and 50 Air presses a the fifth. At this point we were conveniently at the pullup bars. 10 Pullups and repeat each line in reverse (50, 40, 30)… until back at the beginning. Each time returning for squats at the start.

Any Pax that was done was sent back to the pullup bars for EC until all Pax finished.

Plenty of Mumble chatter about the workout not being anything at all like the Movie and general hating that Harley Quin wasn’t at the AO.Return to flag for Mary and more Merkins.

There has been a request to rename the workout Suicide Squats.

Pledge Pray and on our way.

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