Burnt Church Baptism 0445 Earlybird by @doobie

Burnt Church Baptism Earlybird backblast: 24Aug20 0445

Eight souls gathered at the large flagpole for the early soul special: @chop @Fresh Prince @Wild Thing @Liver @yolo @candyman @FNG and yhc!

Pledge, Warmarama and off to the hurtlocker races. One frisbee and one cindy per partner team. Stopped by Shell and said Hi to Gene. Ran a quarter of a lap the wrong direction around the traffic circle and shot 144 shoulder down to the Burnt Church cemetery for a little 6′ up workout! After runnuing 3/4 of the way around back grass area, started da Thang!

Down and back leg-a-roma: one partner 10xbunny hops with cindy, sets her down and attempts to catch frisbee thrown by partner. If caught no penalty. If not caught, one burpee per step away from cindy, both partners. Down and back. Down and back 50/50s with one partner running, other doing exercise: overhead press, chest press, kettlebell swings.
Down: one partner 20 cindy thru the leg swing, psrtner throws frisbee. One burpee penalty for every step to catcher. Thrower picks up cindy for leg thru swimgs.
Mosey back across 144, hurt locker recovery.

rama, namarama, favorite dessert. Name FNG, Judd Dunleavy welcome @hokiepokie. He is a VT grad!

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Stay fired up this week!

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