Die Destiny! By @doobie 0440 Earlybirds

Earlybird Backblast: Seven intrepid souls crushed the gloom: @Fresh Prince @chop @Wild Thing @Liver @yolo @Hokie Pokie & yhc.

Pledge, Warmarama! Challenge to reach out to one brother by Wednesday! Mental health is at an all time low!

Thang: partner AMRAP 25 mins. One round was: one lap around admin bldg parking lot (350m); 60 reps (merkins and/or squats) per individual. Composition determined by die. 10 merkins for every eye on die. Rest are squats. Two on die: 20 merkins. 40 squats. Six is dealers choice: 60 merkins or 60 squats.

Two teams completed 7 rounds, one team 6 rounds; 2% better today!

Four minutes of Mary; #rama, namarama, tell about one guy to complete check-in before Wednesday.

We are our brothers keeper! Guard hard guard constant!

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