Bunnies of Murder by @doobie 0445 RH Earlybirds

21Sep Earlybird Backblast:

Eight intrepid souls braved the icy cold wind at 0445: @Duke @chop @baggar @Wild Thing @Fresh Prince @Hokie Pokie @yolo &yhc!

Pledge, tenets, :warning: and disclaimers, Warmarama!

Mosyed to painlocker! Linkup with cindy, one on one date. 4 sets of cones, 25 yards apart. IPC4 Murder Bunnies workout 20 minutes OYO.

Once complete, carried cindy over to COT for a meeting with Mary = 80 windshield wipers over the top in cadence.

rama namarama announcements praise prayers. Prayers for @baggar next move, @Fresh Prince mother inlaw foot injury, @yolo colleague’s loss of mother.

Matt 6:33 Seek ye first the kingdom of God! Let’s do that this week in everything!

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