IPC4 #bth RH

SWOLE finish to IPC#4 today! murder bunnies can now be a regular part of out Qs! The dirty dozen started together and finished together #bettertogether: @Coffee Bean @Wild Thing @Fresh Prince @Trophy @The Leopard @Pine Knot @Hulk @The Leopard @flipper @Livewire-FNG @gamecock-FNG yhc and our honored proctotologist @salmonella!

50 Burpee Block Jump Overs (BBJO)
250 yards Murder Bunnies (MB)
25 Block Thruster
50 Alternating Block Merkins
75 Block Curl Over Head Press
100 Block Legovers
250 yards Block Run

Strong finish for all! Thanks @salmonella for the motivation and keep us straight!

Congrats to our two awesome FNGs: @Livewire -jeremy and @gamecock-Dom!

Prayers for connectiveness, driving safety, mental strength and resilience, and God’s dynamic presence in our lives!

rama namarama COT!

Some type of sports competition for next Saturday! great work PAXs!

Coffeeteria at :sun_with_face: cafe after Q! Stay fired up and #BTH!

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