Footloose by @doobie RH Earlybirds 0445

28Sep20 RH Earlybird Backblast:
A mighty octoPAX footed their way thru the gloom: @Fresh Prince @Wild Thing @Blue gazelle @LiveWire @baggar @chop @Hokie Pokie and yhc! Pledge.

After a warmarama in honor of the end of September (28 rep per of morrocan night jacks, legupsplus, grass pickers), we partnered up for a partner pursuit to the tennis courts. While one partner completed 10 air squats and sprinted to catch his partner, the partner alternated between running backwards and karaoke! Once at 3-court tennis courts, aggressively completed three suicide sets. While one touched all 5 end lines, the other partner held high plank and completed 5 reps as his partner touched each end line. Next round, 6″ leg hold with 5 legups every time partner touched an endline, and last iron chair on fence post with 5 squats every time partner touched endline.

Thang: foot tennis, two bounces between touches, unlimited touches each side. Point winner picks exercise. Upward ladder, starts 5 loser, 0 winner; next point 10 loser, 5 winner; next point 15 loser, 10 winner, etc…. Played to 25-20. Winner served.

Moseyed back, Announcements, #rama, namarama, most pain testimony, COT! God uses pain in all forms to speak to us! Listen and reach out to your old friends digitally! Seize the week!

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