WAM into Monday by @coffeebean RH 5:30AM

WAM into Monday! 8 HIM met in the 530 Gloom to kick this week off right! @Uncle Si @Trophy @Pine Knot @Stork @BCG @Teddy Bear @Hulk and YHC.
F3 intro & Pledge:  (21) SSH 5 penalty burpees, grass pickers, imperial walkers, T-Merkins, Nolan Ryan’s

Pick up Cindy, 10 blockees, 10 thrusters.

Wildcat Complex: 2 rounds 10 reps/ 2 rounds 20 reps: Curls, Rows, Overhead Press, Tricep Ext, decline/alternating block merkins

Aching Legs: 2 rounds: 20 goblet Squats, 20 KB swings, 20 Lunges, 20 squat jumps

10 blockees, 10 thrusters, take Cindy home.

Mary: 20 Situps, 20 leg raises, 20 toe touch crunches, 20 gas pumpers, 20 LBC, 20 American Hammers, 30 situps, 30 leg raises.

COT & Prayer, prayed for our nation. Sign up to lead a Q!
Next Saturday from 9 to 11, PACK event for anyone interested. Details to follow.

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