Braves NLCS Tribute

24 in the gloom, Quikrete and Backstreet blamed traffic for their late arrival … seriously, traffic at 0515 in the morning? Oh wait, it is I-95.

Warmup was simple, plank during disclaimer, right hand and left foot off the ground for the F3 mission, and left hand right foot off the ground for the 5 core principles. We were wobbly.

The Thang:

4 bases. At 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base, each PAX would do 27 reps of 3 up exercises with Cindy, and 3 down exercises with Ole Girl Cindy. Split up into 4 groups to start at different bases.

  • Up: Curls, Side Bends (27 per side), Squat Thrusters
  • Down: Alternating Block Merkins, WWII, Vertical Block Press

The alternating block merkins were originally counted the same as IronPAX, doing a merk on each side of the block counted as one. After the 1st round, the Q modified to say every merk counted.

At home plate, do 27 blockees.

At the end of the exercises at the bases, do a lap running the bases without ole girl Cindy.

As you pass by Ole Girl, grab her to take to the next base with a specific movement.

  • From Home to 1st: Rifle Carry Walk
  • From1st to 2nd: Murder Bunny
  • From 2nd to 3rd: Bear Crawl Block Slides
  • From 3rd to Home: Weighted Lunges

I think most groups were on their last base when time was called.


Return the cindy’s, back to the flag, count, names, pledge, pray.

Thanks for filming/picturing Norm. Great way to modify for the knee.

YHC was smoked by my own workout. Hopefully everyone else was too!

Credit for this workout format goes to Woody at the Bad Apple AO of F3 Alpha. 

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