Ninja Cindy by @chop RH 0530 Earlybirds

Big Friday. 10 bubbas turned up: @Wild Thing @doobie @Duke @LiveWire @Fresh Prince @chop @Shark Tank @baggar @Hokie Pokie FNG Rusty

Slap jacks
Trunk twist
Imperial walker
Ninja push up

Get the Ol’girl

Mosey to field

Karoke/ backpedal 50 yards run back then strength. Switch Cindy exercise – other 3 exercises are the same.

Back pedal / run
Thruster x 15
Ninja push up x15
V up x 15
Superman x15

Wood choppers x 15
As above

Man makers x 15
As above

As above

100 yard pause return x 2

Core work: wildcat stretch and exercise. Counter-balance move.

Mosey home

COT and pledge. Grateful for each F3 teammate. Val Feske returns home today – prayers for good transition for her and family.
Welcome WHITE LIGHTNING – seems this related to east TN and homemade drink.

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