Each quarter, F3 Coastal Empire will create a challenge to help unite our region across AOs with a common goal in mind.

The satisfaction of completing a challenge is the primary benefit, though bragging rights and yeah talking rights might be a secondary one. If there is enough interest, an annual challenge shirt will be created listing the PAX who completed the challenge each quarter.

3rd Quarter 2020 Challenge

Post at each of the region AOs at least once during the quarter, preferably for a normally scheduled workout.

Lake Mayer, Pooler, Richmond Hill, or Savannah

Any of the workouts as part of that AO count. For example, posting at Oxygen at Hull Park on Wednesday and again at Spark at Daffin Park on Saturday both count for Savannah.

Special events count, such as a convergence hosted by an AO that might not be normally scheduled.

Enter your visit below for tracking purposes to see how many complete the challenge.