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View F3 Nation in a full screen map

NOTE: The map links to reveal a text listing of all the workouts. The dates and dropdown are selectable and filter both the map and the text. The search box takes zip codes. Sort tabs and tables by clicking on column headers. Locations are linked to Google Maps.

1st F

1st F - Workouts

Join us at one of our 17 weekly workouts. You can find them in the map above or table below.

Site NameLocation (click for map)Workout NameDayStart TimeEnd TimeWorkout TypeSite Q
SavannahDaffin ParkFuelMonday05300615BootcampTwo Pack
PoolerPooler Recreation ComplexAnvilMonday05300615BootcampBogey
Richmond HillBryan County Admin BldgRPMMonday05300615Bootcamp
Lake MayerLake MayerLake MayerMonday05150600BootcampDiapers
SavannahHull ParkRunClubTuesday05300615RunBassinet
PoolerWest Chatham YMCANo Gloves Tuesday (NGT)Tuesday05300615RunFlat Tire
SavannahHull Park OxygenWednesday05300615BootcampHamm
PoolerPooler Recreation ComplexForgeWednesday05300615BootcampSwabbie
Richmond HillBryan County Admin Bldg
Lake MayerLake MayerLake MayerWednesday05150600BootcampDiapers
PoolerGodley Station ClubhouseCrucibleThursday05150615RuckDoughboy
SavannahDaffin ParkSAVshuffleFriday05300615Run & PTGuppy
PoolerPooler Recreation ComplexPressFriday05300615BootcampBetty Crocker
Richmond HillBryan County Admin BldgTorqueFriday05300615Run & PTSalmonella
Lake MayerLake MayerLake MayerFriday05150600BootcampDiapers
SavannahDaffin ParkSparkSaturday06300730BootcampRed Ryder
Richmond Hill
Bryan County Admin Bldg

2nd F

2nd F - Fellowship

For more than 90% of F3 guys, the reason they keep coming back, setting their alarm for 4:45 or 5 a.m. three, four or five days a week is the friendships that are built in what we call “the Gloom.” We reinforce the Second F through organized F3 participation in physical challenges like obstacle races, marathons, mud runs, distance relay races, GORUCK events and other adventures (we’ve found that, in general, the more Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless — or “CSAUP” — an event is, the more enthusiastic F3 guys are about it).
Site/AOLocationTitleDay of WeekStart TimeEnd TimeGathering Type
Savannah / SparkThe Breakfast Place#coffeeteriaSaturdays07400830Breakfast
SavannahMellow MushroomMonthly LunchFirst Monday11451300Lunch
Richmond Hill / Truckin'Sunshine Breakfast Restaurant #coffeeteriaSaturdays07150815Breakfast

3rd F

3rd F - Faith Gatherings

Outside of the workouts, we have found that many F3 participants, after getting in the best physical shape of their adult lives and meeting their social needs for the first time as adults, start taking a more serious approach to questions of meaning and purpose. F3 workouts have spawned Bible studies, attendance at speaker series and other Third F initiatives. We encourage those efforts as supplements to the workouts and an important way for F3 participants to exercise leadership in their families and communities.
LocationTitleDay of WeekStart TimeEnd TimeType
I.P.C. Fellowship HallWeekly Men's Prayer & BreakfastTuesdays06300800Prayer, Devotional and Breakfast