Deck of Cards

Conditions: 75 degrees and 99% Humidity


4 PAX sought the flag and located it near the spray park amphitheatre. The water was not on. The grass had not been cut and the dew was strong. The dryer concrete looked more refreshing.

Disclaimer given in a modified format.

All done IC: SSHx30; Chinooksx15(then reverse); Slow Squatsx15(4ct); LBCx30; and maybe some other things.


Mosey around the park and grabbed sandbags/ruck plates from the Zombie Mobile. Headed back to the splash pad (still not on) and instructed on the Deck of Cards Workout.

  • Workout 1 (Aces 25, Face 15, multiple 1-10 x10 and divide amongst PAX)
    • Spades – Situps (roughly 165 completed)
    • Diamonds – Squats (roughly 485 completed)
    • Clubs – Merkins (roughly 185 completed)
    • Hearts – Burpees (roughly 105 completed)
  • Workout 2 included Sandbags/Ruck Plats (rough numbers b/c some of them we modified up and decided that the PAX could handle the total count required)
    • Spades – Up&Overs Squat (roughly 100 completed)
    • Diamonds – Curls (roughly 125 completed)
    • Clubs – Flutter Kicks 4ct IC (roughly 170 completed)
    • Hearts – Reverse Lunge (roughly 140 completed)


Finished with some 6MOM including Cpt. Thors, Planks and maybe 1 or 2 other exercises.

Naked Moleskine

  • Bunker always looks as if he just had a hair cut. Fresh.
  • Matlock is not technologically savvy but always is willing to Q if someone will (1) Put him on the Q Schedule for Spark (2) Notify him of the dates for him to place on his calendar. Eventually I think he will come around and join Slack… In due time.
  • Madoff is trying to make a habit of something but he never finished his thought.
  • Next time there may or may not be money involved when a deck of cards comes out
  • The PAX today are looking forward to another Grey’s Anatomy which is next Wednesday.
  • Conversation about the new website and if I was a scammer, I think I could have gotten $20/month out of Madoff which probably wasn’t his twenty to begin and why he was fine with paying website fees.

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