A Full Course Meal of Exercises

Today’s meal consisted of 4 courses of 4 dishes from the Upper Body, Core, Lower Body, and Group CoP recipe books.  YHC is definitely stretching this themed analogy for all its worth.


Don Quixote’s * 12 IC

Imperial Walkers * 12ish IC – Disclaimer given at this time

Moroccan Night Clubs * 12 IC

Michael Phelps’ for ~30 seconds

The Thang

Mosey to each station listed in the table below.  At each station, perform the 4 workouts listed.  16 exercises total.

Station Upper Body Core Lower Body CoP
Coupons Colt 45’s Kettle Swings * 15 Back2Back Wall Sits with Coupon for 1 minute Blocktonamo
Playground Pull Ups * 10 Plank Mountain Climber Taps * 15/toe Lt. Dan’s from 1:4 to 4:16 Bear Crawl Inch Worm
Pavillion Hail Mary’s * 15 Sit Ups 2 Hip Ups * 15 Double Steps (to table top) * 16 Tunnel of Love * 2
Flag Plank Merkins * 12 American Hammers * 12/side Around the World Lunges * 4 Piston Ring


CAR, NAR, FNG name assignments … Welcome Radar and Tumbleweed!

F3 Pooler workout Saturday at Pooler First Presbyterian Church, 7 am.

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